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January 17, 2024

How a Low-Carb Diet Could Slow Alzheimer’s Disease Progression

by Jennifer Bramen

Dr. Jennifer Bramen unpacks her latest findings, highlighting the benefits of reducing carbs for Alzheimer's patients

How to Enjoy a Healthy-ish Holiday Meal Blog Feature Image
November 14, 2023

How to Enjoy a Healthy-ish Holiday Meal 

by Molly Rapozo

Discover the secrets to a healthy-ish holiday meal from nutrition expert Molly Rapozo, MS, RDN, CD. Learn how to balance festive indulgence with brain-boosting choices, including low-carb veggies, mindful pre-event meals, hydration hacks, and the importance of savoring moments with loved ones. Elevate your holiday experience with a mindful approach to nutrition and cognitive wellness.

"14 'Polite' Ways You’re Talking About Aging That Are Actually Rude" blog feature image
August 1, 2023

14 “Polite” Ways You’re Talking About Aging That Are Actually Rude

by Guest Author

Director of Geriatric Cognitive Health at Pacific Neuroscience Institute®(PNI®), Scott Kaiser, MD, discusses the "polite" respectful language and attitudes towards aging, combatting ageism and stereotypes, and promoting inclusive and respectful communication for aging experiences.

National Nutrition Month feature image
February 21, 2023

How To Embrace Healthy Living: National Nutrition Month

by Brianna Rauchman

March is National Nutrition Month, and the perfect time to make mindful changes that promote personal health and sustainability. Elevate your current and long-term vitality while reducing your carbon footprint with these 6 simple and effective steps. 

September 7, 2022

Brain Wellness & Lifestyle Program Launches at PNI

by PNI Experts

Pacific Neuroscience Institute announced today the launch of the new Lifestyle Program at the Pacific Brain Health Center.

brain food to prevent dementia
August 9, 2022

Foods That May Prevent Dementia

by Guest Author

Pacific Brain Health's Director of Geriatric Cognitive Health, Scott Kaiser, MD, discusses the foods that may prevent dementia and cognitive decline.

June 28, 2022

PNI Experts Share Brain Health Tips for 4th of July 

by PNI Experts

Learn how to protect your brain health when watching fireworks, enjoy foods cooked on the grill, and avoid undue stress if you have a neurodegenerative disease.

Last updated: August 17th, 2022