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First responder in PPE
May 15, 2020

Self-Care for First Responders During a Pandemic

by Guest Author

Elaine Lipworth, a content writer at Thrive Global explores the challenges first responders face to prioritize their own well-being while supporting those in need.

In the article, How to Take Care of Yourself When You’re a First Responder During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Lipworth discusses techniques of self-care to help those on the front lines address their own physical and mental health.

“Self-care is crucial for first responders on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. Though it’s a challenge to prioritize your own well-being while you’re mobilizing to support so many in need, it has never been more important for first responders to find ways to address their own physical and mental health.”

“Hero Breaks” for First Responders

Pacific Neuroscience Institute has developed “Hero Breaks” designed for their first responders. The “interventional” program focuses on mindfulness and breathing techniques to help first responders take control of their well-being.

“Everyone can benefit from these practices. Medicine is a calling, and the same is true for first responders at hospitals, who have a calling to help and protect patients, but they can’t fulfill that calling unless they stay healthy and take care of themselves.”

 Dr. Santosh Kesari, MD, PhD

Download the Brain Breaks for Heroes Guide

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Last updated: May 26th, 2020