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Dr. Kesari Ranks Top Researcher Glioblastoma
September 20, 2021

Dr. Santosh Kesari Ranks Among Top Researchers for Glioblastoma

by Amelia Garrison

Expertscape, a highly regarded ranking site for life science practitioners, recently recognized Dr. Santosh Kesari among the top researchers for glioblastoma, or GBM. Of almost 80,000 publications surveyed, Dr. Kesari’s research ranked in the top 0.05%, making his work a vital component in GBM treatment. Many of Pacific Neuroscience Institute (PNI) and Saint John’s Cancer Institute experts are also recognized for their contributions to the literature.

Dr. Kesari is the Director of Neuro-oncology at PNI. In the last ten years, his research has broken boundaries in treatment for GBM,  the most aggressive form of brain cancer. His approach has increased the survival rate of patients with recurrent GBM while minimizing adverse effects. This is most aptly demonstrated in Dr. Kesari’s clinical trial on the first non-invasive treatment option for patients with GBM, Tumor-Treating Fields.

Also known as TTFields, Tumor Treating Fields are electrical fields that pulse through the skin of the scalp and interrupt a cancer cell’s ability to divide. TTFields act by delivering low intensity (1-3 V/cm), intermediate frequency (100-300 kHz) alternating electric fields to the tumor using non-invasive transducer arrays. Preclinical and clinical data studies in GBM have demonstrated a favorable safety profile for the use of TTFields.

TTFields are a newer type of therapy approved for use in patients with recurrent GBM. They do not cause the common side effects typical of chemotherapy and radiation, such as pain, nausea, fatigue, or diarrhea.

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Dr. Kesari’s groundbreaking clinical trial was one of the first to show that in patients with recurrent glioblastoma who have completed standard chemoradiation therapy, TTFields significantly prolonged progression-free and overall survival. Additional trials are underway for treating newly diagnosed GBM patients with TTFields.                                      

Dr. Kesari currently practices at Pacific Neuroscience Institute (PNI) and Saint John’s Cancer Institute in Santa Monica, CA. Find out more about Dr. Kesari’s approach to GBM at PNI.

More information: 310-520-7450

About Dr. Santosh Kesari

Santosh Kesari, MD, PhD

Dr. Santosh Kesari, PhD, is a board-certified neurologist and neuro-oncologist and is currently Chair and Professor, Department of Translational Neurosciences and Neurotherapeutics, Saint John’s Cancer Institute. He was named regional medical director of Providence Southern California’s Research Clinical Institute in April 2021. Dr. Kesari is also Director of Neuro-oncology at Pacific Neuroscience Institute, Providence Saint John’s Health Center, and Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance, and leads the Pacific Neuroscience Research Center at Pacific Neuroscience Institute.

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