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April 10, 2017

Clinical Trials Roundup: April 2017

by Marlon Saria

We are pleased to present our new clinical trials this month. Find out about our studies in stroke and quality & outcomes research as well as brain cancer.

2nd Annual Clinical-Pathologic Conference 2017
April 7, 2017

Skull Base and Endoscopic Microdissection Laboratory and Lecture

by Emily Schoof

The 2nd annual microdissection lab/ lecture conference brings clinical & research teams together to learn about anatomical strategies for brain cancer surgery. Find out more.

Michele Hunter at a podium
February 26, 2017

A Mother’s Love: Sean Hunter Research in Action Walk for Brain Cancer

by Zara Jethani

Many young people’s lives are affected by brain cancer. Read about this mother's determination to do something about it and raise money for cancer research.

illustration of a dna strand
December 30, 2016

Precision Medicine Turns a Corner

by Zara Jethani

For many decades, cancers have been described—and even treated—according to the type of organ from which the cancer arises, such as lung, breast or brain. But increasingly doctors are looking at genetic information to determine how to best treat their patients and increase the chances...

Dr. Santosh Kasari standing in a crosswalk
December 4, 2016

Supporting a Cure for Brain Cancer

by Zara Jethani

A review of new research and treatments for brain cancer in 2016  TJ was diagnosed with a stage III Astrocytoma brain tumor at the age of 14. Even after four brain surgeries, several courses of radiation over 5 years, many kinds of chemotherapy, experimental treatments,...

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December 1, 2016

Clinical Trials Round-Up: December 2016

by Zara Jethani

We have added a new clinical trial to our roster of brain tumor trials at the Pacific Neuroscience Research Center at PNI. NEW CLINICAL TRIAL Orbus Therapeutics (NCT02796261): A Randomized Phase 3 Open-Label Study To Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Eflornithine With Lomustine Compared to Lomustine...

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November 15, 2016

PATIENT STORY: Clival Chordoma

by Amy Eisenberg

As I approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I am eternally grateful for Dr. Daniel Kelly, Dr. Garni Barkhoudarian, Dr. Chester Griffiths and their entire team. Because of these brilliant doctors and the staff at Saint Johns Health Center (now Providence), I am alive, healthy, strong and...

Families Caring for an Aging America banner
November 9, 2016

The Hidden Plight of Family Caregivers

by Marlon Saria

If this is the first time you are hearing that November is National Family Caregivers Month, you are not alone. Many Americans, including professional healthcare providers, are not aware that there is a month designated to promoting national recognition of family caregivers. President Clinton signed...

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November 6, 2016

Clinical Trials Round-Up: November 2016

by Zara Jethani

We have recently added a new clinical trial protocol at the Pacific Neuroscience Research Center at PNI. NEW CLINICAL TRIAL Boehringer Ingelheim (NCT 02423525): A Phase I Dose Escalation and CNS Pharmacokinetic Study of the ErbB Family Inhibitor Afatinib in Patients with Recurrent or Progressive Brain...

Dr. Garni Barkhoudarian
October 7, 2016

PHYSICIAN SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Garni Barkhoudarian, Neurosurgeon and Teacher

by Zara Jethani

Read about Dr. Barkhoudarian, Co-Director of the Pacific Pituitary Disorders Center and Director of the Pacific Adult Hydrocephalus and Facial Pain Centers.

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