Garni Barkhoudarian, MD

Garni Barkhoudarian, MD
Garni Barkhoudarian

Garni Barkhoudarian, MD

Director, Adult Hydrocephalus Center & Facial Pain Center;
Co-Director Pituitary Disorders Center; Neurosurgery

About Dr. Barkhoudarian

Garni Barkhoudarian, MD, is a fellowship-trained neurosurgeon with a focus on skull base and minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. Dr. Barkhoudarian has particular interest and expertise in pituitary and parasellar tumors, brain tumors, skull-base tumors, intra-ventricular brain tumors, colloid cysts, trigeminal neuralgia and other vascular compression syndromes. For virtually all tumors and intracranial procedures, Dr. Barkhoudarian applies the keyhole concept of minimizing collateral damage to the brain and its supporting structures using advanced neuroimaging and neuro-navigation techniques along with endoscopy to improve targeting and lesion visualization.

Dr. Barkhoudarian’s research interests include evaluating outcomes of pituitary and brain tumor surgery. He is also involved in the biomarkers research program for pituitary adenomas, meningiomas and metastatic brain tumors, as well as evaluating potential mechanisms and markers of invasive and atypical tumor progression. He is an investigator in a number of clinical trials evaluating the efficacy of various medical or chemotherapies for pituitary tumors and malignant brain tumors.

Career Highlights

Dr. Barkhoudarian is the director of the Brain Tumor Center Skull Base Microdissection Anatomy Laboratory. Here, he works with international neurosurgeons interested in advancing their knowledge of skull-base anatomy and minimally invasive techniques. He also conducts research to expand our understanding of surgical anatomy and keyhole approaches. In collaboration with Dr. Daniel Kelly, BTC Director, Dr. Barkhoudarian also oversees the BTC Clinical Neurosurgical Fellowship.

Dr. Barkhoudarian graduated from UCLA in 2000 and received his medical education at the University of Michigan Medical School in 2005. He completed his neurosurgical residency at the UCLA Medical Center. He completed a Pituitary and Neuroendoscopy Fellowship with Dr. Edward Laws, at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in 2012. He is a member of the American Academy of Neurological Surgeons (AANS), the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS), the International Society of Pituitary Surgeons (ISPS) and the Armenian American Medical Society (AAMS). He is the Managing Editor of the Self-Assessment in Neurological Surgery (SANS) committee, contributing questions to help advance the knowledge of neurosurgeons in training and in practice.

Medical Degree:University of Michigan Medical School
Residency:UCLA Medical Center
Fellowship:Pituitary and Neuroendoscopy Fellowship, Brigham & Women’s Hospital
Harvard School of Medicine

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