Choosing Pacific Facial Pain Center

A highly specialized team with expertise in neurology and neurosurgery work on your behalf to provide accurate diagnoses, treatment and long-term management. Schedule a consultationor contact us at 310-582-7450.

Conditions We Treat

We are dedicated to the compassionate, personalized and comprehensive care of patients with a wide spectrum of facial pain disorders.

Minimally Invasive Approach

Patients with:

whose symptoms are not well controlled with medication may be candidates for life-altering microvascular decompression surgery.

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International patients at PNI

We welcome patients from around the globe and invite you to contact us. Here are a few of our patients who tell their stories. Juan from…

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About Facial Pain Center

Our highly specialized team with expertise in neurology and neurosurgery provide personalized, compassionate and comprehensive care to achieve a proper diagnosis, treatment and long-term management for patients suffering with facial pain syndromes. For conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia unresponsive to medication, minimally invasive restorative surgical approaches including life-altering microvascular decompression surgery can alleviate facial pain and maximize quality of life.

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